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rubric 1 :: may 2003

in some ways rubric is an act of defiance. defiance/creation. the work herein would otherwise not be published. not due to the quality of work but due to its length/form/language/subject. we are, however, not online because we can't get into print. we are online because we choose to be. because there is no better place for it. to be read. to not disappear. to defy all the boundaries that limit the reach of our words. to lose control. you can't put rubric on your coffee table. you can't buy it. you have to read it. you have to take your joy not by consuming but by being consumed. devouring words. roots of thoughts. play. desire. defiance. rubric expresses a confidence in the potential for writers to reclaim the power of the playful word. to throw lexical molotovs into the soundbite bed of hypermodernity. enjoy.


managing editor
Matt Wall-Smith

editorial team
Peter Lewis, Meg Garvan, David Rosenweig, Jen Shatwell, Jacynth Le Maistre, Susan Sinclair

Dr Paul Dawson
School of English, Media and Performing Arts


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