rubric 4 :: december 2008

It's the same bus trip every day. It's the same old junk in the dollar dazzlers and garage sales. It's the same kids in the same backstreets dealing the same drugs. But these aren't the same stories. Step back and take a look at the parties, the performers, the people. Look at the shadows that are the past and the shapes that could be words and the memories that can't be erased. It's easy to say you've seen it all before until you question your beliefs and chill your sake and discover a new taste (or thought) sensation. View the world through the poems and stories of rubric 4.


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Dr Andy Kissane
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Amelia Street

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Wilna Fourie, Hassan Gardezi, Anthea Krook, Justine Magee, Leah Mason, Amelia Street, Chanelle Stroud

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