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Cordite #35 open for submissions

Submissions have now opened for Cordite 35. The theme for this issue is Australia-Korea, presented as part of an international poetry exchange, which will see works published in Australia, and translated into Korean. Submissions are accepted online, and can be based around any theme.

In its calls for submission, Cordite usually seeks new creative poetic works that address a particular theme. For this issue, while the overarching aim is Australia-Korea relations, we are instead seeking works on any theme. Although works that take Korean themes as their inspiration will of course be considered, the focus is on attracting engaging, innovative, translatable and contemporary works, no matter their ostensible subject(s).

Three contributers will be chosen to travel to Seoul in May 2011 to present their work and collaborate with Korean poets.

For more information on submission, or to submit online, visit the Cordite website here.