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Naked Punch #14 out now

Naked Punch is a review of contemporary art and thought. It’s latest issue, Naked Punch #14, has just been released, and selected works placed online. According to their website:

Essentially a federal, “non-institutional” project, Naked Punch is the spontaneous collaboration of thinkers and artists residing in different cities of the world. Before being a magazine, a container of material or a “cabinet of objects”, it is a shared understanding, a shared feeling of unease, a shared concern, and a shared sensitivity.

Naked Punch #14 includes poetry by Martin Espada, Michael Kindellan, Jonty Tiplady and Chinc Blume, along with ‘dossiers’ on art in Sao Paulo and Brighton Poetry. For more information, to order a copy, or to read selections from the issue, visit the Naked Punch website here.