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Openned Eyes visual poetry at Openned

Openned, the UK based poetic practice website, is now hosting a visual poetry project curated by David-Baptiste Chirot. Openned Eyes was assembled from the works of various visual poets, including: Dmitry Babenko, Guy R. Beining, BuZ Blurr, Harry Burrus, David-Baptiste Chirot, JW Curry, Liliana Esteban, Luc Fierens, Tim Gaze, Gleb Kolomiets, Edward Kulemin, Clemente Padin and Hilda Paz.

Included is a lengthy introduction written by David-Baptiste Chirot:

The Visual Poets here create works in a very wide range of ideas, emotions, materials, concepts and examples of what the Earthworks Artist & essayist Robert Smithson wrote passionately of as “the artist’s way of looking.”  The Poets here do many things which are becoming “shut out” from much thinking and work one finds proliferating on the web.  Above all, they engage with the world, with the social.

See the visual poetry at Openned Eyes here, or visit the Openned main page here.