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EMPA Seminar #8 next week: Experimental Humanities

The next EMPA Seminar at the University of New South Wales commences next Tuesday the 21st of September. The seminar will feature Ed Scheer, associate professor of performance, Erin Brannigan, lecturer in dance, and Stephen Muecke, professor of writing in the School of English, Media & Performing Arts. The theme for the seminar will be ‘The Experimental Humanities: From Judgement to Composition”:

Experiments in cultural fields disperse overarching judgments. Still, a matter of concern is identified—what is to be done? How is participation in the problem-solving team earned?  The collective is composed of actors in a broad democracy: humans and non-humans, living and non-living things. The collective moves to express the problem by extending its capacities into a new composition which is its tentative solution, a more-than-human alliance which might involve picking up a telescope, a new dance step or a concept.

The seminar will take place in Webster 327 from 1-2pm, Tuesday September 21st.