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Ginsberg and others on film at UbuWeb

Over the last month, London’s Chisenhale Gallery has been showing films, as part of its 27 Senses Show, based on the work of Kurt Schwitters, and now UbuWeb brings its contributions to those who can’t be there.

Emerging out of a research trip in 2007 to the Schwitters Hütte – a small Merzbau-like structure on the remote island of Hjertøya that the artist inhabited and transformed during his exile from Germany in the 1930s, the project developed in close dialogue with a unique site. Yet in its own subjective and heavily abstracted way, 27 Senses stretches beyond locality and speaks also of the very abandonment of a place. In focus here is the idea of stopping and starting, the notion that Schwitters was forced to rebuild his life (and the Merzbau) several times due to the political situation that led to his exile from Germany to Norway and subsequently to the UK.

Amongst the films is an extended interview with Allen Ginsberg from 1995, along with some interesting works of Dada film by Helmut Herbst, a film written by William S. Burroughs, and an odd film of Abbie Hoffman preparing gefilte fish for Christmas…