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White Raven

White Raven is a graphic poem written by Tamryn Bennet and illustrated by Skye O’Shea.

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Tamryn Bennett is a poet whose practice orbits around collaboration with visual artists. Her
current PhD project is ‘Comics Poetry’ created in collaboration with visual artists Skye O’Shea,
Jackie Cavallaro and Tamara Elkins. Her other projects have included ‘The Seventeen Summers
of Heidiko Jones’, ‘The Black Rabbit’ exhibition, ‘Electric Dreaming’ exhibition and ekphrastic
responses to the artworks of Joan Meats. Her poetry has been shortlisted for The John Marsden
Prize and appeared in Five Bells. Tamryn also works for The Red Room Company.
Katoomba based visual artist Skye O’Shea combines her exploration of the subtleties of female
forms with the subcultures that entrance such women. Her work crosses an array of media and
stylistic genres from more traditional nudes to comic book illustrations and airbrushed Suicide
Girls. She first began exhibiting her work solo in 2004 and has since held shows in Singapore,
Melbourne and Sydney. To view her works visit: